About Us



As the fashion industry awakens to the sustainable needs of the future, one brand is spearheading the mission: BAIN. Based in Montreal with a strong global fanbase, this Black woman-owned luxury bag and brand is redefining long-held beliefs around how accessories fit into modern life. Adopting a slow fashion model, the frequency of collection drops is drastically reduced, while quality and aesthetics are prioritized. Trend-chasing is traded for timeless appeal. Eco-minded and community-nurturing practices are woven into the brand's DNA and continue to evolve with each release.



Design director Linsey Myriam Bain created bags that you only need to buy once. The multi-talented founder established BAIN in 2019 after a decade of collaborating with some of Canada's biggest brands. Her time spent in the mainstream luxury market unearthed some troubling data. She began taking notes on where the cycle of consumption and wasteful production practices could be improved. The goal? To explore the meaning of luxury alongside themes of sustainability and inclusivity in fashion. BAIN leads by example, dedicated to evolving the industry's status quo while giving back to the community at every opportunity.



Sleek, bold, and minimal, BAIN bags are versatile enough to wear everywhere. The collection was created to fit the modern lifestyle: corporate by day and social by night. Produced in limited quantities, they outlast fleeting trends with universally enduring appeal. These bags, however, represent more than aesthetics. Where possible, organic wovens and Oeko-Tex certified cotton are used to reduce the need for pesticides. Raw materials like Nappa leather are sourced from overstock of a local tannery. Each link in the supply chain is monitored and adjusted to reduce waste and decrease the brand's carbon footprint.